The Oracle Deck is here!

2020 May 28th

Greetings Superhumans!
Thank you for sticking with me, I realize the oracle is a few months late, but I was honestly not comfortable releasing the deck during the fear associated with covid 19. I've been doing all of my healing sessions with Pranic Forest via face time, which has included readings. I've loved pulling the oracle into the tarot readings, its been a phenomenal cartomancy journey. The cards are intriguingly accurate. I haven't included many rules with this oracle deck, as they are waiting for you to use them however you see fit. There are three cards that were printed in the guidebook under the original names, please be aware of 

entity attachments, is posession in the guidebook

home, is setting up a home in the guidebook

energy vampire, is psychic vampire in the guidebook

thank you all for your support